The Games Selector The range of entertaining and educational games helps children develop their early maths skills.  If an adult can join in and talk about the games with the child, so much the better.  Each game has suggestions for things to talk about and ideas for further activities.  The program monitors the child’s game play, and awards Brain Gain for purposeful interaction with the games.  Once a child has built up enough Brain Gain, they will be awarded a new Mission or a new Interesting Thing for their room.  This will only happen once a day, however much children play and increase their Brain Gain.  On the Selector, click on the icon of the game you want to play.  Use the purple arrows to move to a different set of games. The number shows the current set of games. Games screens Use the following links for details of the individual games: The Brain Gain meter will remain full until the new Mission has been completed. When the Brain Gain meter is halfway round an alarm sounds to tell the agent that there is a new Interesting Thing in their room. Clicking the meter takes them straight to their room. When the meter is all the way round, the alarm sounds again to tell the agent that there is a new Mission. Clicking the alarm takes them straight to the mission screen. The level buttons select the difficulty of the game.