The Counting Hand On the screen Ideas Encourage your child to count along with the Counting Hand. How high can they count? Click on the question mark to get suggestions for things to count. What other things could you count in the picture? Make patterns of numbers. Decorate the Numberjacks or things with numbers. Can you put the numbers 1 to 10 in order left to right across the screen, top to bottom on the screen, in reverse order, diagonally,...? Put a number on something in the picture so that the number has some relation to the thing it is on (to match the Numberjack, because the thing has that number of countable parts, because it’s a shape with that many sides, and so on). Ask your child if they can guess why you have put that number there.  Let your child set challenges for you. Count out ten numbers somewhere in the screen, then click on the number 1 on the control panel to reset the count. Get your child to find each number and put a matching number next to it.  Swap over and let your child do the first set of numbers. The Counting Hand helps children to develop their counting skills, and supports them with: seeing numerals in sequence to 100; hearing number names in sequence to 100; one to one correspondence (one number for one thing); the last number gives the count. By counting more than one set of things, children develop the ideas of comparison and relative size of numbers.   The Counting Hand is available for the child to use in many missions. Click on hand, move it onto the picture and click again to count from 1, with a number shown on screen and voiced by Numberjack 3. After a pause in counting, Numberjack 4 will ‘give the count’ by  repeating the final number reached at that point. Click again to start Numberjack 3 counting again. Click on the number 1 to start the count again at 1, with the new sequence shown in a different colour. This is very useful when counting different sets of things in the same picture.  Click the red swirly arrow to clear the screen. Click the question mark to get a suggestion or prompt of things to count. There are four suggestions for each picture.