The River Crossing Game Ideas Encourage your child to play with kicking the balls across the river. As they do, ask them to say how many they have kicked across the river so far. Encourage your child to count along with Numberjack 3 as she counts the balls. Use the recount button to practise counting. Try to get all the balls with as few jumps as possible. Try to get all the balls with as many jumps as possible. When playing the levels with target numbers, when the total is getting close, ask your child to say how many more balls they need. How will they get those? When there are stones with more than one ball, see if your child can count on the correct number from the number they have at the time. The River Crossing Game requires observation, counting and addition to help Numberjack 3 kick the right number of balls across the river.  Especially at the higher levels, children need to think ahead and develop a strategy to succeed. Level 0 Click the blue arrows to move Numberjack 3 and kick any balls she meets to the lower bank. Once Numberjack 3 is across the river, she will count the balls. At the end of the count, a yellow ‘123’ button appears so that  you can make Numberjack 3 count the balls again. Click the circular arrow to start the game again with the balls in the same places.  Click the red swirly arrow to start a new game.   . Higher Levels The player is given a target number of balls to get. In levels 1 and 2 they are assisted by a set of green ovals matching the number of balls needed, so they can do one to one matching. In the remaining levels these ovals are not shown. In levels 4 and 5 some stones have more than one ball so that addition of numbers greater than 1 is involved. On the screen