Bloop Ball On the screen Ideas Encourage your child to count along with the bloops. What Numberjacks are playing the game? Point at them in order and ask your child to say their names. Point at them in a muddled order and ask your child to say their names. What is your score? How many more do you need to make your score 10? What is your highest score? How many more do you need to beat your highest score? Bloop Ball is a simple game to help children practise counting and recognition of numerals in the form of the Numberjacks. At the lower levels the number of bloops to count is smaller, and the time to do so is greater. Higher levels offer greater challenge.  At level 0 there is an audible count and a Numberjack display to help children who are unsure of either the counting sequence or the numerals. These aids can be turned off as your child gains confidence. Level 0 Click the blue lever to start the game and launch the bloop ball. At the top of it’s rise, the bloop ball will bloop a number of times and then start falling. Click on the Numberjack who matches the number of bloops before the ball falls back to the launcher. Click the loudspeaker to turn the audible count on or off. Click the Numberjack in the bubble to turn the display of the count on or off. Levels 1 - 4 There is no audible count or number display and the player has just three lives to score as many points as they can. As the level increases, the range of numbers to play with changes. The display shows how many lives the player has left, their score and high score. A life is lost if the player clicks an incorrect Numberjack or the ball returns to the launcher before a Numberjack has been clicked. As the game progresses, the speed of the blooping and the speed of the fall increase.