The Reflector On the screen Ideas Encourage your child to play with the shapes. As they drag then on to the page, ask them what they see happening on the other side. What do they notice about the shapes that are added automatically? (They are the same shapes but some are noticeably the other way round.) Try making pictures with the shapes. You could try guessing what each other’s pictures are going to be as they build up. Try to make pictures of the Numberjacks.  Which ones can you do?  Why not the others?  Make a picture using one each of all the shapes. Copy the pictures, or make your own version of what you see. Make a pattern with the shapes, and challenge your child to continue the pattern.  Swap over and get your child to make a pattern for you to continue.  Discuss the ‘reverse’ patterns created in the left hand side of the page. The Reflector introduces children to the concepts of reflection and symmetry as well as helping to develop their sense of shape, size and position. Trying to copy pictures with the Reflector is both great fun and challenging, particularly helping to develop spatial awareness and hand-eye co-ordination. Level 0 Drag the shapes onto the right hand side of the screen to make a shape or picture. The matching but reflected shape will be automatically added to the left hand side. The latest shape that you add will always be on top of any previous shapes. You can click on a shape that is partly covered to bring it in front of all other shapes. Drag shapes to the bin if you don’t want them. Click the red swirly arrow to clear the screen.   . Level 1 The panel shows a picture to copy or be inspired by. Click the arrow to get a different picture.