Spot the Difference Ideas Have fun! When your child spots a difference, ask them to describe it. Sometimes this will involve shape, size, number or orientation. Play the game in pairs - one person spots the difference, and tells the other where it is - this gives good practice in speaking, describing and instructing skills. Try to find all nine differences in each pair of pictures. The Spot the Difference game helps develop observation skills. Each pair of pictures have five differences for children to spot. These differences are randomly picked from a possible nine differences, so the differences are unlikely to be exactly the same when the game is played again. Some differences are much more obvious than others. Children are encouraged by seeing differences they have spotted before, which is a good memory exercise, and should be challenged to find new differences. Click on any differences you see in the right hand picture. The green circles show how many differences have been found. Click the red swirly arrow to get a different set of differences on the same pictures. Click the blue arrow to get another pair of pictures. .