My Room On the screen Ideas It's good to discuss their room with the child and explore it together: How does their new Agent Room compare with their room at home? What things are the same? Are some things different? What do they think the things in the Room will do? What looks the most interesting thing? How many different things can they count? What patterns can they see in the wallpaper? On the bed? Talk about the rooms in your home. What do all rooms have?  What do some rooms have?  What do no rooms have?  Are some rooms used for special things (eating, cooking, washing, sleeping, weeing)?  Why are different rooms used for different things?  Would it be good to wee and to cook in the same room? Do pets have 'rooms'?  What special things do they have in their rooms?  Why? If you could make your own room, what things would it have in it?  Why? This is the Agent’s room inside the Numberjacks’ sofa. It is their 'base' in Mission to Learn from which they access all other elements of Mission to Learn. The room starts off with very little in it - just the main links to games and missions and the message player, log book and disguise kit. As children build up their Brain Gain and progress through the Missions they are rewarded with a variety of Interesting Things that appear in their room. Some are brand new Interesting Things, others are add on packs for Interesting things they already have, such as new videos for the Video Player. The Message Player displays messages to the Agent. This strange-looking Head leads to the Disguise Kit. The Games Player leads to the Games. The Mission Player leads to the missions, including a record of missions already attempted. Links to the Interesting Things that will appear in the room: The Log Book keeps a record of the Agents progress through Mission to Learn. (click the icons for more details)