Cosy Room On the screen The Cosy Room is full of things that let the Agent experiment and explore. All of the games have levels with no fixed targets and many have no targets at all. Just as a child might explore colour and form freely with a set of paints, so they can explore shape and number without the need to ‘get the right answer’ - they can simply play with mathematics and get it to do things that they want it to, not what someone else has set them to do. Having said that, some of the levels do have targets for children who want to challenge themselves but even those can be flexible. For example, the calculator can set a target number to make and the Agent can use whatever numbers they want to make that total.  The Brain Gain meter shows the Agent’s progress towards their next sticker. The icons launch the games and interesting things. The scroll arrows let you look around the room. Numberjack 7 is always there to give spoken help if needed. Links to items in the cosy room: (click the icons for more details)