Ideas Discuss the different pictures.  Which do you think will be easier or harder to do as jigsaws?  Why do you think that? What are the choices for the number of pieces?  Why might it be useful to have a choice of numbers? Cut a real picture from a magazine or similar into pieces to make it into a jigsaw.    The Jigsaw (part 1) On the screen The Jigsaw Maker gives children practice in decision making.  They select a picture to make in to a jigsaw, then choose the number of pieces. They can set the puzzle at an appropriate level for themselves to do, or for a sibling, friend or adult. The number shows which set of pictures is available. The top row of images select a picture to make into a jigsaw. The arrows allow movement between different sets of pictures. The bottom row of icons select 4, 9 or 12 pieces for the jigsaw. Click the smiley face when the selection of picture and number of pieces has been made to get the jigsaw. See part 2 for information about doing the jigsaw. Go to part 2