Ideas It's good to discuss their room with the child and explore it together: How does their new Agent Room compare with their room at home? What things are the same? Are some things different? What do they think the things in the Room will do? What looks the most interesting thing? How many different things can they count? What patterns can they see in the wallpaper? On the bed? Talk about the rooms in your home. What do all rooms have?  What do some rooms have?  What do no rooms have?  Are some rooms used for special things (eating, cooking, washing, sleeping, weeing)?  Why are different rooms used for different things?  Would it be good to wee and to cook in the same room? Do pets have 'rooms'?  What special things do they have in their rooms?  Why? If you could make your own room, what things would it have in it?  Why? The slide takes you to the Gym where you can play games. The door takes you to the Cosy Room where you can play with games and other interesting things The ladder takes you to the Control Room where you can help the Numberjacks on exciting missions. Links to the other rooms: Bedroom This is the Agent’s bedroom inside the Numberjacks’ sofa. It is their 'base' in Mission to Learn from which they access all the elements of Mission to Learn. Among other things, the bedroom contains the message player where the Agent receives a daily message, their log book where their exploits are recorded and their sticker book which contains the stickers that they earn as they play Mission to Learn. The Brain Gain meter at the top of the Bedroom shows how close they are to getting their next sticker. The Bedroom also contains educational toys to play with such as the Picture Viewer and the Beeper. Click on the icons below to find out more about all the items in the bedroom. Links to the items in the room: