The Log Book On the screen Ideas Read out and talk about the items shown on the screen.  What does the child think is being shown?  Are there any words or things they recognise? The Log Book is a book with information – useful things to know - in it.  Are there other books with information in them?  What other sorts of books are there? Count the letters (and spaces and hyphens if any) in the names to check that the Name Numbers are right.  Count the letters in other words to find their Name Numbers.  The Logbook is a summary of the Agent’s details and achievements. It encourages the child to celebrate what they have done, especially if discussed with an adult.  The Agent’s current disguise is shown.  The disguise can be changed by going to the Disguise Kit. The Agent number is the number chosen by the child and entered as part of their details.  The Name Numbers are the letters in the child’s first and second name (spaces and hyphens are counted as letters). The favourite Numberjack is as chosen as part of the child’s details. Number of missions is the number of missions that have been worked through to the end.  Mission stars are awarded for success in Missions.      Brain Gain shows the total ‘points’ won by the child through playing games. It will get to quite a large number that your child is likely to need help with reading! The Agent’s two previous disguises are shown.