Mission 8: Bad circles Ideas Look for circles, including circles that are part of something else: eyes, wheels, buttons, coins, controls, buckets, tins.  Make circles with fingers, hands, arms, legs.  Make small and big circles.  Walk, cycle or skate in circles.  Do the same with squares and describe what circles and squares feel like (eg squares have corners, circles keep you turning all the time.) Use the Picture Board to make pictures using circles and other shapes.  Use the Shape Maker to make a shape with lots of sides.  How many sides do you need before the shape starts to look like a circle? The Shape Japer is causing trouble by making circles go bad: 6 to the rescue! This mission focuses on recognizing shapes, both ‘square on’ and at an angle as shapes are encountered in real life.  The mission also helps children to develop prediction and comparison skills. Vocabulary: circle, square, big, small, tiny. .