Mission 7: One won Ideas Talk about/find things there is only 1 of/more than 1 of – eg one sofa, a few crayons, lots of leaves on a tree.  Sit one toy on a chair, more than one on the floor. To focus on the idea of fewer and less play a Take Away game. Start with a few blocks or toys and take turns to take one away. The winner is the one who takes the last one: child shouts ‘Last one, I won!’ as they take it. Some children might enjoy the challenge of deciding whether to go first or second depending on how many things you have at the start. If they plan carefully, they should always win. Try with a small start number and then gradually build up as they get the idea. Later change the rules to allow taking away one or two, or three objects.  Use the Counter Machine to make one, and more than one.  Ask when they think it changes from a few to lots (there is no right answer to that question!). You could play the Take Away game with the counter machine: fire out some counters, then take them away with the mouse. Out and about, look for things there are one of or more than one of. There's only one of everything, thanks to the Numbertaker - 6 sorts things out with help from 1. Focus: This mission focuses on the ideas of number and ‘amountness’ ie the ideas of ‘few’ and many’. Vocabulary: one, fewer than, less than, more, more than, less, check. .