Mission 6: Fall sorted Ideas Talk about/find things there is only 1 of/a few of/lots of – eg one head, a few fingers, lots of strands of hair. Talk about things there could be too many of: too many clothes make you too hot, too many ice creams can make you sick, too many people can’t fit in the car.  Use the counter machine to add counters. Ask when they think it changes from a few to lots (there is no right answer to that question!).  Out and about, look for thing there are one of, a few of, lots of. What things can your child think of that there are few of, some of, lots of? Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall - thanks to the Shape Japer. 4 and 5 help put him back together again. This mission focuses on the idea of number as a quantity and some concepts of shape (round, square) and position (on, on top). Vocabulary: one, some, a few, many, too many, enough, all, round, square, on, on top, in front, behind. .