Mission 4: Know your Numberjacks Ideas Look for numbers 1-6 in as many different places as possible – books, magazines, clocks, remote controls, phones, packaging, cars, door numbers, labels, packets. When outside, look for a 1, then a 2 etc.  You might have to look on both sides of the road if you are looking for the numbers as door numbers.  Practise saying the numbers from 1 to maybe 10, both as a recital of the numbers and when counting actual objects.   If you have any Numberjacks, or the Numberjacks photocards, or toy numbers, hold them up one by one and get your child to call out the name.  Let your child do the selecting, and you do the answering.  Line the numbers up in order. Fridge magnet numbers can be fun for this, especially if you muddle their order when your child isn’t looking and wait until they notice that they are out of order. Agents get to know the Numberjacks, seeing them playing bloop ball and out and about on missions. This mission focuses on numeral recognition.  Vocabulary: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 .