Mission 35: Food for thought Ideas Practise sharing things, perhaps with a pretend restaurant for toys. Play with giving them a chair each, and a plate each. Share out items of food between them, sometimes giving everyone one thing each, sometimes giving them more than one. Use meal times as an opportunity to ‘deal things out’ one each, two each and so on, with plates, glasses, knives and forks, items of food. Explore grouping using the Counter Machine. Use the magnets to group counters in 2s. How many groups of 2 can you make with 2 counters, 4 counters, 6 counters, 10 counters? Are there some numbers of counters that won’t exactly group in 2s? What about grouping in 5s? Try making different groups with the Multiplier. Use a target number - can you guess how many groups of 2 it will need to make the target?    Agents help run a restaurant. They work out how many chairs and tables are needed by different numbers of customers, and appropriate food to match customers’ orders. Focus: This mission focuses on problem solving, including one to one correspondence where one thing is matched with another (e.g. matching chairs to customers) and many to one correspondence (e.g. 2 customers to each table). Vocabulary: each, twice as many, how many for, more than