Ideas Use toys or other small things to make different numbers. Ask your child to make numbers. Make a number for your child and ask them how many it is. Sort toys by size, maybe starting with the shortest and ordering by height or maybe starting with the fattest and ordering by thinness. Put things in the ‘wrong’ room in the home – a saucepan in the bathroom, a bar of soap in the dining room.  Get your child to hunt for the ‘wrong place’ thing and restore it to its right place.  Let your child set up ‘wrong’ things for you. Find things round the house that are the same size.  Find things that are the same size vertically, or horizontally, or both.         Agents solve problems set by three different Meanies. Focus: This mission focuses on number, size and sorting as Agents sort out the Meanies. Vocabulary: round, not round, bigger than, more than, less than, make the number, thin, long, too long, short, same, length, size