Mission 32: More fun with buns  Ideas Make your own food – real or pretend cakes or buns – and vary the size, shape and decorations on the cake.  Set up a shop and get ‘customers’ to ask for a particular type of cake and get the child to make it.  Swap roles. Around the house and out about look for things that can be described in terms of size, or shape, or other things about them. Use the Picture Board to make pictures of cakes or jewellery, again with a ‘customer’ asking for a specific design and a ‘maker’ following instructions.  Swap roles.      Agents help out when the buns go wrong in the baker’s shop. This mission focuses on data and accurate description. Children are given practice in making observations, listening to specific information and making decisions based on that information.      Vocabulary: fat, thin, round, square, on top, on the side .