Mission 31: The Numberjacks are counting on you Ideas Look for things in different sized groups on your body.  What comes in 2s, 4,s, 5s, 10s? Look for things in different sized groups when out and about.  Try to find groups of 2 up to 10. Make groups of things using toys, buttons, fruit and so on. Ask your child to make a group of a certain number, helping them to count the things out if necessary. Then move the items around and ask them how many things there are now. Many children will have to recount the items before they can tell you. Make a group of things and ask your child to tell you how many there are in the group, show you the matching number of fingers or, if they can read the numerals, place a matching number card by the group. Make groups of things with the Counter Machine.  Make pictures for the different Numberjacks with the Picture Board, with groups of the right number of things to make each Numberjack happy. Play with the Multiplier to practise counting in ‘groups’.     Agents help the Numberjacks to be happy by finding and making pictures the Numberjacks will like. Focus: This mission focuses on matching numbers with groups of things Vocabulary: group, match, matching .