Mission 30: 4 he's a jolly good fellow Ideas Look out for the number 4 and things that come in fours.  Wheels, legs of animals and legs of furniture are a good start.  Imagine being the Numbertaker – what things would you be taking, and what wouldn’t you be taking. Use toys to make groups of 4 - 4 cars, 4 soft toys, 4 bricks, and so on. How could you change the groups to make them safe from the Numbertaker? (By adding things or taking things away to change the number from 4.) Play with the Counter Machine to make four, one counter at a time or two at a time.  Use the Calculator to find different ways of making 4.  Look for shapes with fours sides and four corners.  All such shapes are called quadrilaterals (don’t expect your child to know that name), and include rectangles, oblongs, squares, diamonds, and kites.   Find things in the house and out and about that have fours sides (and also of course four corners.)   The Numbertaker is taking all the fours he can find - will 4 escape his clutches? Focus: This mission focuses on the number 4 and groups of 4 things.    Vocabulary: 4, group, exactly .