Mission 29: Close encounters Ideas Look around the room.  Say what things are very close to you, and which are far away in the room.  Check it out by walking to the thing furthest away.  Which things are near to you now?  Which are far away?   Think about the rest of the home – which part of the home is furthest away?  Which room is nearest the front door? Play a game of ‘warmer/colder’ but maybe using the words nearer, very near, further, very far away and so on, by hiding an item while your child is looking and then using the ‘proximity words’ to let them know how close they are getting to where it is hidden. Play a game where one person shots out a ‘proximity phrase’ and the other person has to run to where is described: Close to me!  As far away from the computer as you can get in the room.  As far from the front door as possible!  Close to but not in the bathroom!    What about outside the home? Who is your nearest neighbour??  Who do you know who lives furthest away from you? What’s the furthest you’ve ever been form your home?  What things or places can you think of that are even further away than that? Agents help sort out the black sheep and others. Focus: This mission focuses on the concept of proximity, ie near and far.  Vocabulary: near, far, nearer, further, close to, far away, as far away as possible  .