Mission 28: Seven’s shiny shapes Ideas Look for any of 7’s shapes around the home and out and about.  You could take photos of them.  Talk about the shapes that you find - are any of them similar to each other, are any very different to each other? Draw a Numberjacks 7 and decorate her with shapes, either drawing them or cutting them out of magazines. Play shape guessing games with a collection of shapes. Pick one of the shapes and, without moving it or saying which it is, describe it without using it’s name and ask your child to guess which one you have picked. Swap roles and let your child describe while you guess. Explore shape using the Shape Maker and the Picture Board games.  Look for shapes in the pictures in the Picture Changer – do any shapes you can see change when you change the picture? Agents help Numberjack 7 to collect seven different shapes. Focus: This mission focuses on recognising and naming shapes, and explores the relation of circles and ovals, squares and oblongs Vocabulary: circle, oval, semi-circle, triangle, square, oblong, star, side, corner .