Mission 27: Sheep sharing Ideas Look for opportunities for sharing when playing games. Can you put the same number of play people into each toy car? Make sure everyone has the same number of pieces at the start of a game. Share items out fairly at home, such as small food items. Have a tea party for toys, sharing food fairly among the toys.  Start with a small number of things and groups and increase the numbers.  Sometimes share the items so that some toys have more things than others and talk about whether that is fair or not. Some children will think that it’s fair that Big Ted has more than Little Ted as Big Ted will eat more, so don’t be too quick to judge their answers. When getting items ready for a real meal ask if there are enough sausages for 1 each, 2 each. If appropriate, ask your child to help serve the food fairly. Play with the Counter Machine: fire out counters and share them into ‘groups’ on screen.  Find out which numbers sometimes or always can’t be shared fairly into two or more groups.  Agents help the Numberjacks share things fairly. Focus: This mission focuses on sharing items into two or three groups, and on the concept of ‘sharing fairly’ where all groups are the same size. Vocabulary: share, fair, each .