Mission 24: In, out, shake it all about Ideas Talk about things that are in or inside other things: clothes in drawers, hands in pockets, tongue in mouth, people in cars/houses, pets in cages.  Are there things that are inside things that are inside things?  (Tongue inside mouth inside head inside room.)  Are there things that are outside something else?  (Things in the garden or park are outside a house.)  Can something be inside or outside?  (Your hands could be in or out of your pockets.)   Can something be inside and outside at the same time?  (You could be inside a car outside your house). Play ‘Inside outside’ – on the word ‘inside’, your child has to put things like toys or blocks inside a box or a bag, or put themselves in bed.  Say the word ‘outside’ to get them out again.  Swap roles and let the child say the words. Things that should be inside end up outside - 5 takes 3 out with her to help sort the Puzzler out. This mission focuses on the positional ideas of inside and outside and also includes number patterns.  Vocabulary: in, out, inside, outside. .