Mission 22: One more time Ideas Put a small number of things (counters, grapes, buttons, toy animals,..) in a group, your child counts them and then puts one more thing into the group and counts again to see how many there are now.  Play a game – you say a number, your child says the number one more. You do something a number of times, your child does one more.  Swap over.  Change the rule to do one less.  Use dice, cards, Numberjacks photocards or numbers. Point to one number and find the one that is one more or one less.  In the home or out and about take turns with your child to spot a number, challenging the other one to find an example of the number that is one more or one less. Use the Number Speaker to practise counting and noting the number one more or less.  Play with the Counter Machine to add one to any number to find the number that is one more, or to take a counter away to find the number that is one less. When 1 goes out alone there's one more of everything - 4 rides the railway to the rescue. This mission focuses on making numbers one more or less. Vocabulary: one more, one less, before, after. .