Mission 20: Tub time Ideas Get things, large or small, and put them in a group.  Count them then take one way.  How many are left?  Your child may well have to count all the remaining things rather than just saying the number. Try making the starting group bigger.  Try taking two things away.  Hold up digits on one hand and take one or more away.  Ask how many have to be taken away to make a particular number - your child may have to do this in stages, taking one away at a time and seeing how many are left each time until they reach the required number. It might be easier for some children to do this with  groups of things.  Use the Counter Machine to play with numbers.  Add counters and take them away.  Ask how many need to be taken away to make a particular number then check by doing so.  Again, your child may need to do this in stages, removing one counter at a time. The spoken count will help them know when they have reached the required number.  As they gain confidence with this, try turning the spoken count off. They can always click the speaker by the total to hear it at any time if they need to. Rub a dub dub, too many men in the tub – until the Puzzler’s tricks are thwarted by 5 and 6.  This mission focuses on subtraction. Vocabulary: count, take away, how many left. .