Mission 19: Three things good Ideas Find shapes that are triangles.  Check that they always have 3 corners and 3 sides. What different looking triangles can you find? Can you find tall thin pointy ones, short fat ones that point up, ones that point down, to the left, the right…? Find shapes that are squares.  Check that they always have 4 corners and 4 sides. Can you find different looking squares? (They will only differ in size and orientation - the angle they are sitting at. You can’t have a tall, thin square as squares always have 4 equal sides.) Fold a square piece of paper over corner to corner to make a triangle.  Fold again to make another triangle. Cut a paper square across its diagonal, from one corner to another.  Put the pieces back together.  Try again, this time making two cuts along both diagonals. Put the pieces back together again. Your child could draw pictures on the paper first to make them into simple jigsaws. Use the Shape Maker to make triangles and squares of different sizes.  Use the Shape Speaker to see different sorts of triangles and squares. Use the Shape board to make squares from triangles, and from squares. You can also try using the Reflector if you want a challenge. 3 goes out on her own trying to do battle with the Shape Japer, who doesn't like things in threes. This mission focuses on triangles and squares, and their number of corners and sides.   Vocabulary: 3, 4, side, corner, triangle, square. .