Mission 16: Being 3 Ideas Look for things there are three of. Your child might tell you there are three things when they are part of a larger number. If so, narrow the hunt down to things where there are exactly three.  You might find tricycles with 3 wheels, triangles with 3 sides and three angles or corners, packs that contain three things, three buttons on a coat, three children in a family, stories about three things such as The Three Bears and The Three Little Pigs.    Practise making groups of 3 with toys or small objects.  Arrange items of food like peas or grapes into three before eating them, maybe counting each one as it is eaten. Say three words at a time, or move three steps at a time.  Put clothes on or off three at a time.  Play with the Counter machine to make threes. Then make three, add one more to make 4 and then take one away to make 3 again.  Does adding 1 and then taking it away again always get you back to the starting number, whatever number you start with?  Play with the Counter Machine to find out. The Numbertaker is taking things that come in threes. This mission focuses on the number 3 and things that come in threes. Vocabulary: 3, lots of, coming in  3s, 1 more to make 4. .