Mission 15: A surprise visitor Ideas Make your own tea party for toys/dolls.  ‘Tell’ the toys what seat they have to sit in.  You might want to do this during the mission to help your child with the questions about who is opposite who as it is much harder to do this on the screen than it is when looking at the real things, where you can move around to view the arrangement from different positions. Set out the right number of drinks plates etc so each toy has one each.  Add another toy , or take one plate away – how do you solve the problem of giving everyone one thing each?  Do similar things with your family meals. Ask your child to put toys in different places around the room, using words like next to, opposite, beside, in between, in front of, behind.  Swap over so that your child tells the you where to put the toys.  Use the Picture board game to put things/shapes in different positions relative to each other, describing where they are or where they should be placed. A man finds himself in the nursery.  Agents explore position, including imagining themselves sitting at the table. This mission focuses on position, using the real world setting of a nursery to help children develop understanding and the vocabulary of position.  It also explores the idea of one to one correspondence (ie that one person needs one cup and so on) and practises counting. Vocabulary: opposite, next to, between, how many, each, altogether, more, right number. .