Mission 12: Five a day Ideas Look for similarities and differences in things. What is the same about these? What is different? Listen to what your child notices, which could be quite different to the things you would see! Repeat the same sound – then make a different sound.  Repeat the same movement – then make a different one.  Explore basic differences between things that help to sort or classify them: soft/not soft, shiny,/not-shiny, bendy/not bendy.  Later try some harder ones like living/non-living, edible/inedible. Include some shape ones like square/not square, round/not round.  Sort toys into different groups, deciding what is the same about them – maybe the number of legs, or the colour. Again, children may well choose different reasons for putting things together than adults would - Nanny gave me all of these. Sort different foodstuffs – by colour, by shape, by number (is there only one on the pea or lots, two sausages each), by like/dislike.  Explore different types of fruit and vegetables, especially when out shopping. Georgie Porgie ends up with a better diet thanks to 5 and 6.  The Numbertaker isn’t happy. This episode focuses on the concepts of sameness and difference. The agents also practise early data handling skills by identifying simple pictures that represent real life. There is also some simple aural counting.   Vocabulary: same, different, type. .