Mission 10: Going wrong, going long Ideas Talk about long/tall/short things such as buildings, people, animals, vehicles.  Make yourself taller and shorter. How tall can you stretch? How short can you get? Use modelling clay or play dough to roll out sausages. Make them longer and longer. What is the longest you can manage? Are any of your sausages the same length? Can you find one that is shorter than this one. Sort some crayons by length. Put them side by side lined up at one end to see which are longer or if any are the same length. Pick one crayon and ask your child to find another that is shorter, longer, the same length as the one you have. Do the same type of things with height using a few toys that stand up. Look out for long and tall things when out and about. Make short and long sounds. What’s the longest/shortest sound you can make? What is the longest/shortest movement you can make? Things get longer thanks to the Problem Blob.  4 is on the way! Focus: This mission focuses on early ideas of measurement by focusing on comparing and matching lengths. Vocabulary: long, longer, longest, short, shorter, shortest, same, length, height, tall, taller, matching. .