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What is Numberjacks: Mission to Learn?
Numberjacks: Mission to Learn is a web-based subscription service that helps young children to learn mathematics, and is suitable for children from about three to about 6 or older. Children sign up as Agents to help the Numberjacks, and are engaged and motivated by a rich mix of games, interactivity, video, audio and images.

How will Numberjacks: Mission to Learn help my child?
Numberjacks: Mission to Learn aims to help children to learn in a creative and open-ended way, to develop their confidence, understanding and skills in the key areas of mathematics and problem-solving. There is a mixture of exploration and 'playing' with mathematical ideas, as well as focussed 'questions and answers' to challenge them. Most games have different levels so that they can encourage younger and less able children whilst challenging and stretching older and more able children. Above all we hope that Numberjacks: Mission to Learn will help to give children confidence and to develop a positive attitude to numbers and mathematics.

What mathematics does Numberjacks: Mission to Learn cover?
Numberjacks: Mission to Learn encourages the development of the following skills, understanding and attitudes:

Numberjacks: Mission to Learn includes the following areas of maths:

What mathematics are young children expected to know?
The core skills and concepts are much the same in most countries, but specific guidance will vary from country to country, state to state, and from time to time. The links below are good starting points to find out more:

What is the best address to write to about the program?
The quickest response will be to an email to for payment and technical enquires, or for anything else. You can write to our registered address is:
Open Mind Productions,
27 York Road,
TW11 8SL

Where can I buy Numberjacks DVDs, books, toys and other merchandise?
There are books, DVDs, toys, puzzles and more, to enjoy and to support your child's learning, at

I'd like to add another child to my subscription.
To add another child to your subscription go here.

What do I do if I've forgotten my password?
To get a reminder of your password go here.

How do I cancel or amend my membership?
To cancel or amend your subscription go here.

What browsers are recommended to use?
Try using Internet Explorer or Firefox as Numberjacks: Mission to Learn is designed to work in these browsers.
The latest version of Internet Explorer is available here.
The latest version of Firefox is available here.

What resolution (size of display) do I need?
Numberjacks: Mission to Learn needs a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768.

I can't see everything on my screen.
Check your zoom setting is set at Normal or 100%. In Internet Explorer and Firefox pressing F11 will set the browser to fill the screen - clicking F11 again will restore the screen to normal.

The pictures are fuzzy or jagged.
Check your zoom setting is Normal or 100%.

Games or videos don't work, run slowly or freeze.
We very much hope you won't have any difficulties running the software. If you do, please try any if the following:

Screens take a long time to load.
Many screens will take a while to load first time, but after that (until you clear your cache) they should load quickly. It may be your internet connection is slow. You can test your connection at

Some of the site doesn't work.
You may not have Flash installed on your computer. If not go to http://

The sound doesn't play.
Check your speakers are on and volume turned up, and that the sound on your computer is not muted. Press the loudspeaker icon on screen.